Our Approach

“Don’t just pay the IRS without proper counsel.

It is like throwing salt in the ocean.

This Firm was designed to have a singular focus and expertise in tax law, tax negotiation and taxation representation. It strives to be the best in this field by providing an unwavering dedication to its craft and emphasizing zealous advocacy for its clients. This Firm’s mentality is anchored by its dedication to being the pinnacle in professional, pragmatic and efficient legal tax representation.

If there is a question, we pick up the phone as opposed to sending an email or text; if there are options with respect to how a certain tax issue should be addressed, we outline them specifically and work through the cost/benefits of each prior to taking action; if there is ever a concern about our representation or a current strategy in process, we

address it proactively prior to proceeding on a client’s behalf. A client need not ask about the status of their case, they will know and have a road map for what is next along with the peace of mind that knowledge provides.

Above all, The Complex Tax Law Firm will not compromise its or its client’s honesty, integrity or ethical standards. It is committed to providing straight forward and accurate assessments of any tax situation. This Firm does not need give “lolly-pop and humming bird” promises of results, cut corners or take unreasonable positions to secure the best for its clients, its experience and expertise allows it do so legitimately within the confines of the law and in the bests interests of all parties involved.