Something Fishy Is Going On: Expert Testimony & Personal Experiences

Spiral notebook with "Expert testimony" written on the cover - The Complex Tax Law Firm“Something fishy is going on…” These are the words that found their way into a judge’s final opinion of a case where I provided expert testimony. At the end of this case, she not only quoted me, but also expressed her agreement with my hunch that, somewhere beneath the surface, there was something awry in the transactions between the parties involved. This mention in the judge’s opinion marked a significant win for my client, leaving them immensely satisfied.

Providing expert testimony in the field of taxation presents an intriguing departure from the typical litigation battleground. Instead of the usual intellectual combat, I adopt a pragmatic approach. I lay out the facts and highlight what’s missing or questionable, all without directly accusing the opposing party. In the end, it’s about letting the documents speak for themselves.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the truth will set you free. When we encounter inconsistencies or irregularities, our goal is not to assign blame. It’s about addressing what doesn’t align with the facts and numbers, a responsibility I hold in high regard. For this reason, judges often rely on my experience as a tax attorney, which I’ve earned through years of handling complex cases and working with a diverse range of clients. This trust in my character and expertise often saves me from the typical courtroom battles. Instead, I can concentrate on my strengths, which involve simplifying intricate financial information for practical use in any situation.

How an Experienced Business Tax Law Attorney Utilizes Expert Testimony

In my role as a business tax law attorney, experience carries significant weight. As Peyton Manning wisely stated, “You do something 10,000 times, and you’ll be an expert at it.” I’ve certainly been part of more negotiations than I can count over the years. While I won’t claim to have seen it all, my extensive involvement has undeniably molded me into an expert in negotiations, particularly within the realm of tax law.

My expertise goes beyond negotiations; it encompasses the broader field of tax law. I specialize in ensuring businesses remain operational, safeguarding assets, and meeting payroll obligations. Clients depend on my ability to anticipate potential issues and navigate them before they become insurmountable challenges.

Being an expert in negotiations also means I can share my knowledge with other attorneys who may not have a deep understanding of tax law or with CPAs who prefer not to delve into the intricacies of IRS negotiations. I’m well-versed in deciphering complex tax reports, even when they resemble intricate puzzles. My track record of successfully unraveling these complexities benefits not only my clients but also my colleagues, ultimately leading to favorable resolutions for everyone involved.

Final Thoughts

I’d like to conclude this book with a personal story that holds a special place in my journey. The very first client I took on when I opened my own firm six years ago brought with him an incredibly difficult case with many intricate issues. When I reflect on it today, I think that the name of my firm, the Complex Tax Law Firm, likely owes some of its inspiration to him.

I vividly remember him saying, “Steve, I’m going to hire you for this. I know you don’t have many clients yet, but I know you – and I trust you.” On that day, he essentially handed me the keys to the Ferrari, so to speak. At the time, he had nearly $1 million in unpaid tax liabilities. None of them were very legitimate, and as I delved into the case, I found that the revenue officers had gone significantly off course. In fact, the feds had veered so far off the beaten path that I found myself needing to file a Freedom of Information Act request, submit several audit reconsideration requests, and collaborate with a taxpayer advocate to sort out separate assessments of hundreds of thousands of dollars between him and his wife when they had actually filed jointly. It was a monumental mess to untangle.

Occasionally, my client and I would chat over the phone, and he’d say, “One day, Steve, we’re going to be sitting down at the Brown Palace in Denver, and you’ll pick up the tab, and we’ll raise a toast to our successful case – that is if I don’t end up getting divorced because the IRS is garnishing my wife’s wages over this.” At the time, it felt like a distant dream. I never truly believed we’d reach that point. The situation was so tangled that I had to consult with a woman who had extensive experience deep within the IRS’s processing systems to explain how these various assessments had become so distorted. Even for her, it took months to untangle the web the federal government had created.

Fast forward to just two months ago, I found myself at the Brown Palace with this client and his wife and we celebrated our victorious journey. Needless to say, they were overjoyed. We resolved everything, rectified all the tax liens, freed up their properties, and navigated through all the complexities and challenges. Later that evening, after his wife had retired to their hotel room for the night, he and I sat around contemplating how we could continue working together. Despite all the hurdles, we had an incredible time battling the IRS for six years, and the outcome was truly satisfying.

For a moment, he even considered filing his return late just so I could continue representing him. I advised against it, of course, but it was heartwarming and immensely rewarding to have not only done my job successfully but to have done it for my very first client, who I hope will remain a friend for life. Despite the difficulties we faced, having him there with me through thick and thin, and being able to use my decades of experience to secure that result, was incredibly meaningful. This, to me, is the essence of what it’s all about.

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