Divorce Financial Analysis and CounselIn this article, you can discover:

  • The role of a financial analyst in family law cases.
  • How experts assist with determining the value of marital assets.
  • The ways our firm presents financial evidence to support our clients’ positions.

Over the years, I have testified in various divorce cases and prepared expert reports related to financial matters. Additionally, I have assisted in drafting divorce decrees, especially in cases involving tax liabilities. My expertise often comes into play when identifying assets and uncovering any attempts to hide them within different entity structures or undisclosed financial statements.

How Does A Financial Analyst Benefit Divorce And Family Law Attorneys In Need Of Expert Witnesses For Financial Matters?

As a tax attorney dealing with collections, I have developed a keen understanding of financial analyses. This expertise translates seamlessly into analyzing marital estates in divorce cases. I can effectively identify assets, track liquid assets, and even locate tangible assets like real estate. If one party is attempting to hide assets, the same skills allow me to uncover them and verify their location and usage.

In What Ways Can A Financial Analyst Assist In Divorce Cases To Help Determine The Value Of Marital Assets And Liabilities?

We offer comprehensive forensic audits to determine the value of various assets, including interests in companies, bank accounts, and offshore accounts. When the case involves contentious disputes and discovery requests, we meticulously analyze bank statements, tax filings, and corporate documents to ascertain the marital estate’s status. Our extensive scrutiny of financial documents helps bring clarity to complex situations, even when parties attempt to hide assets.

How Does A Financial Analyst Come Into Play When Evaluating And Dividing Retirement Assets, Pensions, And Investment Portfolios In A Divorce?

Our expertise lies in identifying the value of retirement assets, pensions, and investment portfolios. Tax returns are particularly valuable in establishing accurate valuations. By reviewing tax returns and comparing them to the financial disclosures made by the opposing party, we can identify discrepancies and provide tangible evidence to support our client’s position.

How Does An Expert Witness Present Financial Evidence And Calculations To Support A Client’s Position In A Divorce Case?

As an expert witness, my testimony is based on the analysis and reports prepared by my team. Depending on the scope allowed for my testimony, I may focus on identifying hidden assets or issues with the opposing party’s financial disclosures. I provide clear and understandable explanations of the analysis and tangible numbers, helping the judge comprehend the financial situation accurately. This assists the court in making informed decisions regarding the distribution of the marital estate.

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