The Complex Tax Law Firm
The Apex in Tax Representation & Negotiation

Complex Tax Law Firm
Tax Representation & Negotiation

The Sharp End

This Firm was created with the focused intent of being the best and brightest in the convoluted world of tax law and negotiation.  Our clients are primarily businesses located nationwide with tax concerns that exceed the scope of a general practitioner.  The Complex Tax Law Firm does not draft contracts, conduct bankruptcies, address estate plans, or take on any myriad of external case types that might distract its singular purpose.  This Firm and its attorneys are dedicated to operating at the sharp end of the spear where IRS and State Taxation Authorities use a sledge hammer.  A true dedication to tax law and our specific craft allows that goal to be achieved.

Experience That Matters

Our singular dedication to being the apex in taxation and negotiation has created an environment of competence in an otherwise difficult, complicated and frustrating field.  Experience is not defined by ones title or hours logged behind a computer screen.  It is identified by the hundreds of businesses that have successfully been represented; the millions of dollars saved through pragmatic negotiation; and the breaking of the paralysis taxation can create for countless clients by their simply knowing a truly intelligent, available and dedicated representative is on that sharp end for them.  Where others hesitate, this Firm confidently and efficiently utilizes its experience to achieve success on its client’s behalf.

Play Chess Not Checkers

Complex and high stakes cases with the IRS and State can and will have a significant impact on the financial wellbeing of your business, your employees and ultimately your own personal wealth.  Nothing less than professional, pragmatic and intelligent legal representation is required.  This Firm provides that with an undivided attention and an intense focus that is second to none.

Business Tax

The Firm has extensive experience in review and advising – proactively and reactively – with respect to significant and complex taxation issues for businesses of all sizes and in numerous industries.

Taxation Opinions

The Tax Code is an enigma that is constantly evolving. This Firm invites the challenge of a complex tax issue. Its well equipped to conduct extensive legal research and produce considered opinions that will allow actions to be taken that are above board and in compliance with relevant Codes and Regulations.

IRS and State Issues

This is what The Complex Tax Law Firm is best at. It holds itself out as the elite in Collections negotiations, outside of the box resolutions and an innate knowledge of how the process works. Knowledge is power when dealing with the IRS and State – this Firm operates with that advantage.

Client Comments

  • Larson Financial and specifically, Steve Cizik and Victoria Mall are wonderful to work with. They successfully helped me resolve my IRS issue very quickly and made the process as painless as possible. I am more than satisfied with their services and recommend them to anyone needing help to resolve an IRS issue!

    Ashley F.
  • Worked with Steve Cizik & team, excellent. They are highly professional dedicated towards their work, research and finding right contact at IRS (as we all know how lost everyone is withing IRS).

    Nita S
  • I have had two good experiences. To be brief, Larson and its attorneys/associates do not operate with the belief that a formulaic approach (cookie cutter) is going to get it done. I was engaged by the attorney on my case (Steve Cizik); he provided correct guidance; and we worked together through all the frustration that characterizes dealing with the IRS. When we hit a roadblock, Steve insisted I get involved to help, because that's what was required. And we achieved the desired result. I suppose my experience suggests that there is not magic, but there is a way... and his advice on my issue produced the desired result. And "no," my personal attorney and others associated with the process were ultimately of no help. Steve and I got it done. Consider this a strong, albeit, real-world recommendation. They were invested in the outcome as much as I was.

    Thomas Finn
  • Steve and his assistant kept me up on everything. Steve Cizik kept after me with possibilities of my situation, until I realized and double checked what I thought was correct and found I was not. Submitted to Larson what Steve suspected, which was the information that was needed to resolve my tax issue 100%.

    Beth H.
  • Steve and victoria are great. I contacted Larson group at the last minute. Their team jumped and ran. They have stayed in contact and kept me in the loop. My problem was solved and they saved me over $25,000. Great job and thank you.

    Daniel G.
  • I reached out to Larson Financial to help with a major IRS tax issue that we had for a very large dollar amount. We had made some bad business investments and things got spun out of control. I was overwhelmed with fees, new taxes, and had no idea what to do! I was so stressed I thought I could lose my house, my business and my belongings because of the scary letters and threats I was receiving. After a short conversation with Steve and Victoria at Larson, they were able to explain everything to us in a way we could understand it. They helped us thru every step of getting them what we needed to have them represent us with an IRS agent to get a workable payment arrangement. They had to do a lot of foot work, a lot of calls and negotiations and really spent time making sure we didn't get into something that was not realistic for our family long term. They took an extremely stressful situation and turned it into a positive experience. I don't believe that I would have ever had the ability to settle my account without their help! I would recommend them to anyone that needs help. It is worth every penny I paid to have professionals like them in my corner. Thank you again for helping my family!!

    Angeline, Fort Myers, FL